Shootin’ the Sh*t with Rob Faz

In depth real journalistic interviews with your co-workers. Find out who could kill you with a few swift jabs, who is a borderline crazy cat lady, and what other surprises our guests have up their sleeves.

Episode 7: The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Stephen with a "PH" Pelletier

Steve joins Rob to talk about some exciting life updates, racing junk cars (thanks, Flex-Seal!), pets, and more.

Episode 6: Nick Paco: World Traveler

International Man of Mystery Nick Paco joins Rob to discuss his travels abroad, Summer 2020 activities, and more in the last episode of August.

Episode 5: Caitlin Carter & Julie Keedy

Rob Keeps up with the Accounting Ladies Julie "The Pony Wrangler" Keedy and Caitlin "future Mrs. Boyer" Carter to discuss summer hijinks, (delayed) wedding plans, and more in this Happy Hour special. With special guest (and boss) Mike "Cipolla the Controlla"

Episode 4: Dave Damiani

The ever-entertaining "Dave Exotic" joins Rob to talk beach days, home makeovers, NFL predictions, and more! Tons of special guests, including Leo "Ushmanush" Medeiros and Jose "Little Gun" Antunes.

Episode 3: Moe Delgado

Moe joins Rob to discuss parenting during quarantine among other topics with special guests Alexander Gonzalez and Erica Bolonos.

Episode 2: Mike Cipolla

Mike Cipolla joins Rob to discuss quarantine hairstyles and hobbies, with guest appearances by "Dave Exotic" and Jeremy "My Name's Paul" Galeone.

Episode 1: The Advisory Board

Rob joins the rest of the Employee Advisory Board in the kickoff Episode of the podcast.

"Engaging, funny, but most of all a great way to see familiar faces and bring the energy of Gen Pop into my home office."

Morgan O'Connor