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Day 5: Service, Maintenance, Troubleshooting

Frequently asked questions and answers


A: Yes. All functions will be in English for both Vitoguide and ViCare.

A: Standard, comfort, and reduced are the three schedule setpoints.

A: Yes. You can enable in Vitoguide email notifications about any new active errors of your monitored installations.

A: That has been requested, the requirement is being reviewed.

A: Flame signal, modulation -yes. Fan speed maybe added in the future and coding will become available in the pro version release.

A: Yes

A: Vitoguide Mobile is IOS and Android. Vitoguide Web is available on all major browsers.

A: Daylight savings can be auto adjusted, but not through the internet.

A: We can already support Internet based outdoor sensor, however this service is not available yet.

A: Vitodens 100 has

a) integrated pump

b) pump output for heat zone pump

c) pump output for DHW tank (if secondary side) or recirculation pump (if DHW on primary side)

A: Yes

A: For gas consumption only.

A: Just for gas consumption

A: Anti scald function prevents the user from setting the DHW-setpoint above 60 °C

A: No, in Display the flame signal is not shown in microAmps

A: Unfortunately not, due to completely new communication interface.

A: The Vitotrol 200E has an integrated room temp sensor. And only the internal temp sensor is supported.

A: Yes, Vitoguide mobile 

A: Yes. BCU and HMU are separate spare parts.

A: Flow switch for min. flow for starting the burner. Flow sensor for DHW for combis, for identifying taping flow.

A: Yes, domestic flow sensors have changed compared to B1KA/B1KB

A: Burner modulation setpoint driven
When pump is requested its modulation setpoint will follow the burner modulation setpoint, e.g. burner runs at 73 % => pump will also run at 73 %

Outside temperature driven
When pump is requested its modulation setpoint is determined following the outside temperature

Fix speed
When pump is requested it will not modulate and run at a fix speed, which can be changed at VDD 1100.2

A: Yes, at 85/120 they are combined in one housing. On 150/199 they are calibrated on each other.

A: The limitation is independent from the water pressure. It is done by a flow regulator.

A: We did not see negative effects on that combination with the EU boilers. Same test will be performed with NA boilers before marked introduction.

A: Flue gas recirculation will be detected in the same way as with today's VD 200. It is part of the LambdaPro functionality. Small recirculation will be regulated out, bigger once will cause an error.

A: No, it is included in the given vent length for common venting.