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Day 4: Operating

Frequently asked questions and answers


A: Currently we do not have this option on the HMI or within Vitoguide however, we will take this into consideration. This is a great suggestion.

A: Unfortunately the new HMI is not compatible with the existing Vitodens boilers.

A: ViCare as a residential tool can monitor two seperate systems. 

A: One ViCare account and two systems per account.

A: The Vitodens 200 (only) supports the Vitotrol 200-E. ViCare will be able to read the room temperature that is provided by the room sensor integrated in the Vitotrol 200-E 

A: The Vitodens 200 (only) receives via MZIO inputs ZI1 to ZI3 a dry contact closure from a room thermostat. The room thermostat is to handle the room setpoint control

A: This is being addressed now. This may be a runing update that happens after the launch of the product.

A: Automated heat curve mapping based on outdoor and actual room temp is not a feature we will have at launch. However, there is several places within the digital services tools and the HMIs that a contractor can do this easily and efficiently for the homeowner.

A: Yes. There is a Viessmann password that can be used to override passwords set by the installer that may have been forgotten.

A: There is a de-registration button in ViCare for existing homeowners. Once this is completed a new homeowner can follow the easy process shown during day three of our training.

A: The new Vitodens generation of boilers utilizes our new BMS gateway. We are partnering with Wago on this gateway and it will be available for BacNet IP and Mstp (w/ router), as well as, Modbus. Further training will provided during our cascade specific training courses.

A: The new boilers do not need a Vitoconnect module , however we can certainly discuss Vitoconnects for existing products in the homes of employees.