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Day 3: Installing & Commissioning

Frequently asked questions and answers


A: There is no reason not to use PVC pipes. From the point of view of the boiler, it makes no difference. In the training, the CPVC were explicit because they were described in the requirements. The air intake interface of the system shall be designed in a way, that air intake pipes of different materials listed in the table below can be connected directly to the system without the need for an additional adapter as accessory.  CPVC outside diameter: 3.5 in PP outside diameter: 3.15 in

A: The conversion in the presentation are a bit too accurate. The standard press. relief valves (45 + 60 psig) on the market can be used. 

A: Yes. Wago is still finalizing the development and testing. We will setup training after that. Updates will come soon.

A: Canbus is used for communication.

A: No, an additional adapter is not needed for CPVC Boiler is equipped with following connections: CPVC outside diameter: 3.5 in PP outside diameter: 3.15 in

A: When facing the boiler the supply is on the left and the return is on the right.

A: Yes.

A: Two drain valves are included with the boiler.

A: The location of the QR code is shown also in the installation manual. That position in the lab does not reflect the installation of the paper from the factory.

A: "The first 2, 90's on venting still not counted" = Yes for parallel systems. For coaxial systems the first 1 not counted. We are addressing the 2" distances now. 3" does allow for greater distances. The full manual for venting will be completed and ready for viewing by the third week in March.

A: We will also plan for 2" at least for the 85/125, we are testing both for usage.

A: Yes, on a single boiler. On a cascade a guided commissioning is required. The contractor can use there own mobile device or we will also offer a dedicated cascade commissioning tool for those contractors who would prefer this.

A: If the language is already in our language library then that would be technically possible. 

A: The filling and air purging procedure must be done in person. However, using our planning tool shown on Monday will allow contractors or wholesalers to create a configuration file remotely that can then be passed to the boiler locally with "one-click" commissioning.

A: Yes we will have a online simulator for customers and employees. For more detailed simulations we have a pc version for windows computers for Viessmann sales network.

A: Vitoguide RSA allows for Viessmann techs to provide emergency support remotely including the ability to provide direct remote support. This is constantly developing for more data points.

A: Vitodens 100-W B1xE (gen. 2021) - heat demand as dry contact only. The legacy opentherm option was not a 0-10v signal. Here is an example of how an installation would be operated in a similar situation: The application we talked about yesterday (application 2, slide 2) can be realized as follows: Heat Curve: Air Handler (high temperature) Heatzone (SP2): Water temp. will be reduced by TMV1. Weather comp. mode is given Boiler modulates on flow temperature (first loop)

A: Yes, in the future.

A: Yes.

A: The new boilers have an integrated Telemetry unit which provides Wi-Fi capabilities without the use of an external device like the Vitoconnect.

A: The interface are designed so that no counter-holding is necessary. Nevertheless, a wrench flat is attached to offer the possibility of counter-holding: When tightening, high forces can arise, with counter-holding you can avoid tearing the boiler from the wall.

A: Yes Tablets are included.

A: Chromebooks running android would be compatible with the apps and the web apps. A windows laptop would be compatible with the web apps.

A: Was designed according to requirements. Longer ranges can be realized with increased pipe diameters

A: Only the Wi-Fi module is upgradeable over Wi-Fi. The burner control unit and the heat management unit are not upgradeable over Wi-Fi so far.

A: The commissioning process can be done guided through Vitoguide mobile local by one person. This process would need to be guided over the phone.

A: Yes. Vitodens 100-W is not equipped with a 0-10VDC interface. (B.t.w.: The B1H/KA series was also not equipped with 0-10VDC interface)

A: Yes. The serial number has to be entered.

A: On the gas valve inside the boiler.

A: 2 A (as described in the VD200 installation manual, electrical connections, e.g. page 32.)