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Day 2: Selling

Frequently asked questions and answers


A: Both the 100/200 will incorporate customer facing communication on the front boiler panel that callout USPs and list the benefits the homeowner gains when connecting their boiler to a ViCare account.

A: Both the 100/200 will incorporate a warranty very similar to the current. It will be published before the launch.

A: No, the combustion on the new boilers is not negatively affected by the increased TDR. The adaptive partial load ensures the reliable combustion. (see slides concerning adaptive part load)

A: Viessmann boilers do have refractories and they appear to be the only refractories which do not contain carcinogens.

A: Yes. We will announce later in the year the timeline for the larger commercial sizes.

A: The HX are 441 Steel including the front and back plates.